LCD Buyback Service

                                                        The process of dealing with us

1.We will hold the price one week of our customers after they send the LCD.
1.Pack the screens well. 

Α. Screens should be placed into the plastic trays that we send our replacement parts in. The bubble wrap shown on the right will also be acceptable for screen  protection.

Β.Once the screens have been placed in the plastic trays or  bubble wrap, stack the in a box as shown.


 C.Fill the empty areas of the box with packaging peanuts. This will secure the screens and make sure they are not moving while in transit


 D.Use a hard box.


 E.Or put a bubble chamber in the box to make sure the screens safer.


        F.Once you´ve finished packaging your box, make sure its taped together nicely to keep the box from opening at any time

2.Request the free shipping label.  
We pay 100% shipping of sending over 100 pcs  LCD( more than 50% of them are Working Screens). 
If you do not meet quantity requirement, you may request a shipping label anyways and shipping cost 
will be deducted from your total payout. 
pay 50% shipping of sending less than 100 pcs but over 50 pcs.( more than 50% of them are Working Screens))

The professional test team of us will test the LCD(s) one by one when we receive the package
     and offer a test report ,test result which including the test pictures or the videos  after the test.

4.We will send the test report and the pictures,videos to our customers and answer the question if they have

5.After offered the test report ,we will p, ay in 1-2 days with Bank Transfer,PayPal,Western Union


Frequently Asked Questions

How much are you currently paying for LCD Screens and how long will you keep the price? 

Pricing is always up-to-date as our website is regularly maintained and e-mails are sent every week to keep
clients informed..
We will keep the price a week after the clients ship out the screens.

How to package the screens?
Pack your screens well and keep them safetymay earn extra 10%-20% maybe more on your products.Please ask us how to pack the screens.
There are some situations we met on the package,which lost money,you may reference 

                          After request the pre-paid shipping label,if means the shipping is free?
Free Shipping Label Conditions:
1.Shipping More than 100pcs LCDs;
2. And More than 50% of them are Working Screens;
If you do not meet those two requirements, you also may request a shipping label,
a part of  shipping cost will be deducted from your total payout.
If your total payout is less than the shippingyou may not get pay .

How do you test the screens?
There are the standards of us:
Grade A: Original LCD Screen with Perfectly working LCD and touch .
Grade B: Original LCD Screen with Perfectly working LCD and touch,but has little pressure point(s),dead pixels, back light problems or be changed glass.
Grade C: High copy(original LCD Screen be changed flex cable) ,big pressures points,dead pixels(a lot), or critical back light problems .
Grade D: Bad LCD Screen , Bad Touch or Chinese LCD with some problem.
Chinese Copy Screens: copy LCD Screen with Perfectly working LCD and touch.
Please contact us
 to the detail.

Do you make pre-payments ?
Sorry,we don´t make any pre-payments. We pay after receive and test the screens.
Alternatives What we recommend to first time customers is to try sending us a test package with a smaller than usual quantity.
Not only does this allow customers to get a taste of our process but once they realize how fast and easy we are to deal with,
they almost always become long term customers.

What payment methods do you use and how long do you take to play?
We will pay with PayPal .Western Union and Bank transferWire Transfer 
PayPal cant paid as a friend here 
so will have around 4% fee .
We will pay into 1-2days after reach an agreement .