Since April 2015 to now (Aug 2017), China factories have manufactured millions of China copy iPhone LCD Screens. And some of repair shops in the world gradually accept the quality of China Copy iPhone LCD Screen. But some repair shops only use original or OEM iPhone LCD Screen because they need to gain a good reputation in their local region.

Is it good to buy China Copy iPhone LCD Screen for repair business ? Well, as a supplier of LCD screen.We need to say: it depends on the requirements of your customers. Some customers don´t want to spend too much money on replacing a new original screen, they prefer to pay lower money to get a China Copy iPhone LCD Screen because they would buy a new phone in near future. While, some customers who only like Original parts would like to get his iPhone fixed with an original LCD Screen.

We would like to share some knowledge of China Copy iPhone LCD screen:

1. These Brand factories (Tian Ma, Jing Dong Fang, Long Teng, AUO, Shen Chao) only produce the important part - IC. Other small factories (not famous) buy the IC from these brand factories to attach the IC with touch glass and frame. Different small factories use different quality glass and frame, and the production technology, quality control are also different. This is why the quality is so different from different suppliers even though the LCD brand is the same. For example, if you buy Tian Ma LCD screen from 3 suppliers, the quality is bound to be different.

2. The defective proportion of China Copy iPhone LCD Screen is much higher than OEM or original screens. These China factories use low-cost raw materials. The precision and technology are far more behind original factories. The most worrying thing is that the China Copy iPhone LCD Screen is lack of market testing, original factories test the LCD on the phone at least some months or years.

3. The life-time and durability of China Copy iPhone LCD Screen are short. The front glass is easy broken once the phone is dropped on the ground. Some poor quality screens are even damaged during installation, such as frame separated, screw hole is damaged, the screen corner is broken.

So, Is it bad to buy China Copy iPhone LCD Screen ? No, as we all know China Copy iPhone LCD Screen is very cheap. The low repair price will attract many people. Still there are many repair shops using copy lcd. The China Copy iPhone LCD Screen also has good quality, you need take time to explore a good supplier and then constantly buy from this supplier (don´t always change suppliers). At least, this supplier can control the defective proportion as less as possible.

All in all, it is feasible to buy China Copy iPhone LCD Screen for those customers who more care repair prices. At the same time, it is better to stock some OEM or Original iPhone LCD Screens because some customers only need original screens.